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12 ene. 2011

Actividades de Enero Zapatista en San Diego,CA y Tijuana, B.C.

4, 11, 18 y 25 de enero Cineclub “Cinétcétera” Serie de películas

Esta serie de películas tomará lugar en la Casa de Cultura Obrera (casadeculturaobrera.org) en Calle Granados #647 Fracc. La Mesa, Tijuana, B.C. a las 6:00p

Martes 4 “El fuego y la palabra”
Martes 11 “Autonomía zapatista”
Martes 18 “Viva México”
Martes 25 “Corazón del tiempo”

January 5 Enero Zapatista Opening Event

Join us for the first event of Enero Zapatista. The event will open with the film screening of “¡Viva México!” a new film that takes a look at the Zapatista movement and the current status of La Otra Campaña. There will be a discussion after the film and free food throughout the night. Sherman Heights Community Center 2258 Island Ave. San Diego 92102

January 7 Música y Performance

Música y performance por “Teletirania” (performance), NonSelf (electrónica de Monterrey), Parche de Ira (postPunk) en Casa de Cultura Obrera en Calle Granados #647 Fracc. La Mesa, Tijuana, B.C. a las 7:00p

January 11 “Very Young Girls” Film Screening by AFI3RM

AF3IRM: Association of Filipinas, Feminists Against Imperialism, Re-Feudalization and Marginalization and Mariposa Center for Change San Diego presents “Very Young Girls”. This film exposes the realities of prostitution and the flaws of our criminal justice system in protecting our youth. Come join us on Anti-human Trafficking Day to dialogue and learn about what we can do to combat this atrocious abuse on our youth. 241 National City Blvd 91950 6:00p

January 14 Know Your Rights! by Arroyo Paseo and El Comité de Derechos Humanos de City Heights

This event will be held at 6 pm at Arroyo Paseo Charter High School, located at 4001 El Cajon Blvd, SD. The evening will consist of a dinner, a screening of the film “Ten Rules for Dealing with the Police” and a question and answer session with a public defender/defense attorney.

January 15 The Zaptopistas

January 15, 2011 at 2pm will be the FIRST meeting for the creation of “The Zaptopistas” — a community orchestra of laptops to perform in the closing event of Enero Zapatista in San Diego, CA. Everyone can participate, no previous experience is needed. You have to bring your own laptop. Come make noise together on laptops! Free Skool 4246 Wightman St. City Heights. For more info visit zaptopistas.wordpress.com

January 15 Autonomous Health: Make your Own Medicine/ Salud Autónoma: Haz Tu Propia Medicina

This event will be at the Remedy Garden on 43rd Street and Wightman Street at City Heights 92105. The event will start at 1:00p. For more info contact Rich doctormagon at gmail dot com

January 16, 2- 5pm at the World Beat Center, Peace and Dignity Journeys 2012/ Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad 2012

En lucha para continuar la forma antigua y espiritual de los pueblos indígenas con la Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad 2012. We will be screening “ABUELA GRILLO” a Bolivian documentary in the struggle to maintain Indigenous Spirituality and the purity of Mother Earth’s Natural Water Resources and how the Eight Month “Peace and Dignity Journeys 2012” will be dedicated to honoring the Sacred Water. Any Q’s? (619) 581-9004 or sdcavefish@yahoo.com or www.peaceanddignityjourney.com

January 18, 7 pm Liberation & Revolution of Birth in the U.S. / Revolución y Liberación de Partos en los Estados Unidos

We will be showing “The Business of Being Born” a documentary film by a mother of two children: Ricki Lake & Director Abby Epstein as a tool to create dialogue about the challenges Wombyn/Women face today in the U.S. Whether pregnant or not? How do we find Liberation through birth? How do we educate the future generations about the Birth Revolution? In honor of Zapatismo, how can we honor the empowerment & autonomy of life before birth and wombyn/ mujeres and new parents and families? Come & join us for an evening full of expression, creativity, consciousness, drinks & healthy snacks. Birth Roots Woman’s Health & Maternity Center 236 F St. Chula Vista 91910 birthrootsbabies.com

January 19, 6:30pm “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

The Party for Socialism & Liberation is sponsoring this event in support of the anniversary of the EZLN uprising in January of 1994. Two Irish filmmakers in Venezuela made the extraordinary documentary during a military coup. See this amazing documentary that captures the coup as it’s happening. We will also discuss the current Bolivarian Revolution taking place in Latin America. Free Skool 4246 Wightman St. City Heights. Contact Abel Macias for more info: sandiego at pslweb dot org

January 21 Enemies of the Fourth World War

There will be performances by Art Collective (UCSD), Eskera, Los DEspiertos, Mayaztek, along with an interview with UCSD Professor Ricardo Dominguez about Virtual Zapatismo. The event will be from 10:00a-2:00p at UCSD Price Center Plaza. For more info: rcm00189 at gmail dot com

January 21 ARMAS Chiapas Delegation San Diego Report Back

This past summer, from August 2nd through the 12th, Arte en Rebeldía y Movimientos Autónomos (ARMA) hosted a delegation of students, organizers, artists, and parents in Chiapas, Mexico. The delegation engaged in dialogues with Zapatista communities, Juntas de Buen Gobierno, and Zapatista allies and supporters to understand the Zapatista movement in order to organize back in our communities. In this report we will share and discuss what we learned in our time in Chiapas. Sherman Heights Community Center 2258 Island Ave. San Diego 92102 6:30p-8:30p. More info contact José: maderaj3 at yahoo dot com

January 22, 11:30am Marcha En Enero Por La Liberación del Pueblo

El Colectivo Zapatista de San Diego está organizando una marcha para el 22 de enero del 2011 en San Ysidro. Hacemos un llamado para organizarnos contra las injusticias que vemos en nuestras comunidades. Para más información sobre la marcha visite facebook.com/ o mande un mensaje a colectivozapatista at yahoo dot com | Colectivo Zapatista San Diego is organizing a march in San Ysidro for January 22nd 2011. We are calling on all people to come out and organize against the injustices that we face in our communities. For more information about the march visit facebook.com/ or email colectivozapatista at yahoo dot com

22 de enero Taller sobre la “VI declaración de la Selva Lacandona” del EZLN para nuevos adherentes y para simpatizantes con el zapatismo

11:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. en la Casa de Cultura Obrera en Calle Granados #647 Fracc. La Mesa, Tijuana, B.C.

January 24, UCSD Student Services Building, 3 pm, Grand Opening of New Student Resource Center at UCSD

The UCSD Student Affirmative Action Committee (SAAC) invites you to the opening of the new Student Resource Center at UCSD. This is a space for students as well as for all of the San Diego community to enjoy, use, and bring community together. More details and updates will be available at enerozapatista.wordpress.com

January 29 Enero Zapatista Closing Event

This is the last event of Enero Zapatista. There will be Art, Food (veggie taquiza), Vendors, and Performances by Karim, Olmeca, Mujeres En Resitencia, The Fighting Cocks, Zaptopista, and more! Come join us for this celebration. Centro Cultural de la Raza 2004 Park Blvd 92101 from 7:00p-11:00p. For more info contact Fernanda: brujita8106 at yahoo dot com

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